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Justin C. Miller Esq. is an Elyria and Medina liquor license attorney who provides knowledgeable legal assistance to businesses throughout Ohio. He represents the owners and operators of restaurants, taverns, bars, hotels, nightclubs, grocery stores, entertainment venues and other businesses that sell beer, wine and other types of alcoholic beverages.

Attorney Miller has experience negotiating payment plans with the state, handling the transfer of liquor licenses between businesses and more. Clients can count on him for professional guidance in the nuances of these administrative matters, including:

  • Obtaining beer, wine and liquor permits: Justin C. Miller is available to handle all the complexities of applying for a beer, wine and/or liquor permit in Ohio. Depending on the location of the business, he can investigate the availability of a permit through the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, aid clients with the purchase of an existing business or explain the laws governing dry precincts.
  • Transferring liquor licenses: Many hospitality businesses need a skilled lawyer when it comes time to sell the business and transfer the liquor license. Whether clients are revising their corporate structures, changing locations, going out of business or selling the company for a profit, attorney Miller can assist.
  • Resolving violations or citations: When a sole proprietorship or large corporation is cited for violating Ohio's liquor laws, attorney Miller will take prompt action on its behalf. He represents clients before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission and other regulatory agencies.

Consult Elyria Liquor Licensing Attorney Justin M. Miller Esq.

From his offices in Medina and Elyria, Justin C. Miller provides business law services at competitive rates. Either call

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