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Elyria and Medina probate attorney Justin C. Miller Esq. is an accessible, understanding advocate on behalf of families navigating the complex probate process. He knows that the death of a loved can be a very traumatic time, and he is dedicated to making the aftermath less stressful and less confusing. He will sit down with you and your family and explain what needs to be done, how long it will take and how he can make it easier.

"I enjoy practicing law because I'm a people person - I like dealing with people. My goal is to help them in every way possible." | Justin C. Miller Esq., Attorney at Law

The Basics Of Probate In Ohio

If your loved one died owning property in his or her name, that property will likely have to go through probate before it can reach the heirs. The probate system is designed to ensure that the will is valid, to resolve any disputes or will contests, and to guide the division of property according to the deceased person's stated wishes.

Probate courts can also distribute assets that were not covered by a will such as in cases where the person died intestate (without a will). Some assets - including insurance policies, retirement accounts and property held in trust - do not need to go through probate.

The Two Levels Of Probate

Informal probate is for simple, easily divided property and estates. The personal representative will be responsible for legally distributing the estate assets, while the probate court itself provides minimal oversight and gives the final approval.

Formal probate comes into play for more complex or contested estates. The court will carefully scrutinize the personal representative's actions and take action to resolve any conflicting claims. In both formal and informal probate, it is wise for the personal representative to hire a lawyer who can guide him or her through the system and ensure that he or she does not make any legal missteps.

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