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Creating Shared Parenting Plans In Ohio

Both Ohio family law courts and child psychologists believe that it is important for children to develop healthy relationships with both their mother and their father. This means that Ohio law regarding custody and visitation is intended to give both parents access to their children as much as possible through shared parenting plans.

Justin C. Miller Esq. is an Elyria and Medina child custody attorney who is committed to guiding his clients through the challenges of divorce, including the tough decisions about which parent will spend time with the children when.

For most people, a shared parenting plan or joint custody plan is an effective way to make sure both parents have an equal say in decisions regarding the child's education, health care, religious upbringing and more. Attorney Miller also helps clients create parenting time plans that allow both parents to spend time with their children.

"I understand how important the relational bond is between parents and their children. I will do everything I can to make sure that bond is not broken." | Justin C. Miller Esq., Attorney at Law

Focusing On Your Best Interests - Not On His Own

If, after reviewing your specific case, attorney Miller believes that litigation is the best option in your child custody or visitation dispute, he will tenaciously pursue a fair outcome in court. On the other hand, if you would be better served through cost-effective negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, he will guide you through the process until you reach a satisfactory agreement.

In every case, attorney Miller's goal is not to increase his own earnings through court fees, it is to help you reach your own goals in the easiest and least expensive way.

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If you have questions about child custody and visitation in Ohio, Justin C. Miller is a lawyer who can help. His goal is to promote the best interests of both you and your children. To arrange a free initial phone consultation, call

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