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September 2016 Archives

Alternative lenders for commercial real estate projects

Both the Office of the Comptroller and the Federal Reserve have recently been scrutinizing the commercial real estate lending practices of U.S. banks. As a result, some of these financial institutions have drastically cut back on their portfolios, leaving developers in Ohio and around the country to seek alternative sources of debt. This has allowed less-regulated entities such as hedge funds and buyout firms to increase their share of this lucrative market.

Ohio liquor laws loosened to allow high-alcohol beer

Across the country, the explosion in craft breweries and distilleries has created increasing pressure for more lenient state liquor laws. The latest expansion in Ohio allows high-alcohol beer (over 12% alcohol by volume) to be made and sold in the state, thanks to a new law effective August 31 that lifted the previous cap.

First steps in the probate process

When a person in Ohio dies before planning their estate, the surviving family members usually have to go through probate court in order to settle the estate. The family member who is chosen to act as the estate's personal representative will have to apply for the position by filing a probate action.

Financing difficulties and hard money loans

Commercial real estate investors in Ohio likely understand that determining whether or not it is worthwhile to pursue a particular project may largely depend on the financing. In some cases, financing may be difficult and at a critical point, leading developers and investors to turn to an alternative called hard money loans.

Zoning violations and complications can be bad for business

Imagine you are a retail business owner here in Ohio. You have been operating your business for several years and you are ready to expand. You decide that you are going to add a small cafe to your retail space, allowing customers to spend more time on site and try out some of the products you sell.

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