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December 2016 Archives

Economists still optimistic about commercial real estate

Commercial real estate investors in Ohio are probably aware that prices are on the rise. Last year, property prices had already surpassed the peak that was reached in 2008. In the National Association of Realtors' Q4 report, researchers noted that property prices kept rising in 2016. Many real estate analysts are still optimistic that this will continue in 2017.

What to include in a non-compete agreement

If you are a business owner, you may be considering implementing a non-compete agreement for your employees. An effective agreement protects the employer and prevents an employee from leaving and using information gained through previous employment to set up a competing business. You do not want your employees to take client lists or proprietary recipes to your competitors. However, some employers make the mistake of trying to cover every base and creating agreements that are so overreaching that courts refuse to enforce them. In this context, more is not better.

Estate planning for farm owners

Farm owning families in Ohio often take a great deal of pride in the land they own and the work they do. In many cases, farmers would like to keep their land in the family and wish to pass it down to their children. While this is an understandable desire, there are situations in which family members have had protracted disagreements over how farmland should be used and managed.

The popularity of online shopping spurs warehouse shortage

More and more Ohio residents are choosing to shop online, and e-commerce retailers like Amazon are luring them by offering competitive prices and short delivery times. Having locations throughout the country allows online sellers to improve efficiency and speed up order processing times, and the resulting demand for warehouse space could make certain real estate investment trusts a prudent place for investors to put their money.

Factors like resident status could impact estate planning

Ohio residents may need to take special steps to ensure that their beneficiaries receive properties like homes if these individuals haven't applied for permanent residency. Experts say that although undocumented immigrants can inherit properties and own homes, the legal system and modern economic realities favor those who actually hold proper citizenship or some other formalized immigration status.

Why simple may be better for estate planning

Ohio residents may be aware that they need an estate plan. However, there may be many reasons why individuals don't get around to actually making one. Common reasons include not having time to create the plan or letting the emotional side of estate planning stop them from actually thinking about their future. If an individual dies without some sort of plan, it could create financial issues for the decedent's family.

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