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January 2017 Archives

Why your debt-to-income ratio matters when buying a home

If you are looking to purchase your first home, you have probably been doing your research about properties in your area, where you might be able to obtain a loan and how to qualify for it. A key term you may recognize from all that research is "debt-to-income ratio," which refers to the figure you get when you add up all your monthly debt payments and then divide that number by your monthly income. In laymen's terms, the debt-to-income ratio gives potential mortgage lenders an idea of how much your expenses are each month in comparison to how much you actually earn.

Regulations and rates are chief concerns of CRE lenders

Many commercial real estate developers and investors in Ohio and around the country had a fairly good year in 2016, and most experts feel that prices will remain healthy and the market will be stable in 2017. However, there are some concerns over interest rates and regulations that could have a significant impact on the commercial mortgage backed securities market.

Learn more about the role of estate executor

Individuals who are named executors to an Ohio estate are responsible for carrying out an individual's final wishes. It is their job to ensure that debts are paid and money and other property that remains are distributed to the proper beneficiaries. An executor does not need to be an attorney or an individual with a proper financial background. However, this person does need to act in the estate's best interests at all times. This is referred to as a 'fiduciary duty".

New tech startups offering real estate investment solutions

Commercial real estate investors in Ohio may be aware that the commercial real estate industry contains technology gaps. A growing number of tech startups are looking to fill the need for online investment platforms and real estate software programs in order to make commercial real estate investing easier and more up to date.

How some Republican proposals might affect estate plans

Ohio residents may want to consider how Donald Trump's election and the Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate might affect their estate plans. Understanding the proposed changes and incorporating clauses in their plans might help them to avoid some potentially detrimental impacts.

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