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March 2017 Archives

Common small business accounting errors

As a small business owner, you may find yourself pulled in multiple directions at once on a daily basis. Given the weight of your responsibilities, it can prove difficult to become an expert in all aspects of your business, but understanding how to manage your business's basic accounting needs is of particular importance.

How apps can benefit Ohio real estate investors

Just a few years ago, real estate professionals had to manage their information with enormous Excel databases. However, thanks to a number of technological advancements, communication, maintenance requests and rent logs can be handled through a number of easy-to-use apps. This technology can be beneficial to investors, property managers and even tenants.

Estate planning and President Trump's new tax policies

Because of considerable changes that President Trump may be making in regards to the US tax policy, many Ohio residents might delay taking estate-planning measures. However, since many estate-planning components, such as irrevocable trusts, offer several advantages besides tax benefits, it may be a good idea for people to begin taking steps toward fulfilling their estate-planning goals, regardless of how the tax debate in Washington is settled.

Big data economy drives commercial real estate changes

Large companies in Ohio and throughout the country are experiencing an expanding demand for data centers. Vast amounts of data generated by 34 billion connected devices drive increasing portions of the modern economy. From a smart coffee pot ordering beans from Amazon to self-driving cars navigating traffic, the demand for data processing and storage has exploded.

Venture capital is distributed unevenly geographically

People in Ohio who want to start a small business may have a harder time finding venture capital investors than if they lived in large coastal cities. A report found that for every dollar spent by venture capitalists, 46 cents of it goes to Silicon Valley. Boston, New York and Los Angeles receive 31 cents, leaving only 23 cents remaining to be disbursed to the rest of the country. Mississippi, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming and West Virginia received no venture capital funding in 2015. Furthermore, tech firms are two times more likely to receive funding than those that are in another industry.

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