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June 2017 Archives

Involving family in estate planning

Ohio residents who are preparing their estate plan should not neglect the step of talking to their family members about it. In many cases, despite careful planning, assets are lost and conflicts are serious after a person's death. Therefore, communication can be as important as this planning in ensuring that a person's wishes are carried out.

A proposed tax law change could influence CRE projects

Commercial real estate developers in Ohio and around the country generally base their decisions on market data, experience and intuition, but their actions are also influenced by the nation's financial regulations and tax laws. Financial experts have paid little attention to the tax rules pertaining to hedge fund carried interests as they have remained stable for decades, but changes proposed by the Internal Revenue Service would almost double the the tax rate. Industry analysts say that the IRS proposal, if it were to be enacted, could severely impact the entire commercial property sector.

Tips for estate planning

One purpose of an estate plan for Ohio residents may be addressing family conflict. This conflict may spring from disputes over property, or it may be a more longstanding interpersonal dispute. Some people might avoid creating an estate plan because of this, but this only means that when the estate is settled, there will be even more. Working with professionals in creating an estate plan may help people find ways they were unaware of to resolve this.

What a letter of final wishes entails

When an Ohio resident creates a will, there may not be room to include that person's final wishes in the will itself. However, it may be possible to expand upon the testator's thought process or include other notes in what is referred to as a letter of final wishes. This letter may be the perfect place to explain why one person got a larger share of the estate or where the passwords to social media accounts are being kept.

Over building and uncertainty slow commercial real estate deals

Property investors in Ohio have to contemplate many elements, including financing and taxes, before entering a commercial real estate transaction. Growth in the commercial property sector has been strong for six years, but analysts worry that prices have peaked and some large cities might now have an excess of inventory because of a building boom.

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