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How to get a copy of a deceased person's will

When a parent dies in Ohio, a child could be entitled to a portion of the deceased's estate. This is true even if the parent dies intestate, or without a will. If a house or other property was put into a child's name, that generally belongs to the child regardless of claims others make to it.

If an estate holder does have a will, anyone who was named as a beneficiary is entitled to see a copy of it. Beneficiaries are notified of the passing and the presence of a will by the estate's personal representative. Those who are not notified can still find out if a will was filed by asking the county court. After filing a petition, a person will be notified regardless of whether or not other family members are trying to conceal its presence.

Those who have questions about how to claim assets after a loved one passes may benefit from working with an attorney. An attorney may be able to help an individual find out whether a will exists and if that person was named in it. Legal counsel could also assist in filing a legal challenge to the will if there is reason to believe that it was not valid.

If a will is valid, a beneficiary should receive assets as stipulated by the terms. Beneficiaries may also receive assets that were left in a trust. However, if money is used to pay creditors or other expenses, that could reduce the size of a person's inheritance. If there was no valid will created, a person will receive an inheritance based on the laws of that state.

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