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June 2018 Archives

Special needs trusts protect assets for disabled adults

The Social Security Administration has strict rules about the assets a person who receives Supplemental Security Income can own. However, there is a way to ensure that a disabled person has the things they need without violating the government's rules. When a person on SSI in Ohio receives a large cash settlement or an inheritance from a family member, they may be able to keep the money if it is placed in a properly structured trust.

Mistakes some businesses make when downsizing

In the business world, downsizing is often code for "layoffs." No one enjoys having to lay off employees, and the unpleasantness of the task can sometimes cause business personnel to act out of character. For instance, a normally friendly boss might be rigid, abrupt and even rude when telling employees they will longer work for the company.

A pour-over will can be an important backup

When it comes to estate planning, a variety of strategies someone in Ohio could use to protect his or her assets. Many people develop an estate plan based on trusts; by creating trusts, people can have more control over how those assets are used as well as present mechanisms to transfer property outside the realm of the probate court. However, a pour-over will can also be important when an estate plan is largely reliant on trusts. This kind of will can be important when not all property is transferred into a trust before the grantor's death.

Preparation could lead to loan approval for small businesses

Small business owners in Ohio likely know that they will face considerable scrutiny when approaching a bank or credit union for a small business loan. Preparing essential documents prior to meeting with loan officers could aid business people who need financing. Lenders will want to see financial records from at least the prior three years, a business plan and projections about future revenue and expenses.

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