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When Everyday Obstacles At Work Become Legal Issues

Last updated on October 31, 2023

Attorney Justin C. Miller opened his law firm because he wanted to provide cost-effective legal service to help his Ohio clients with the types of problems that affect our everyday lives. He wanted to make high-quality legal representation available to those who need it most, to help people overcome the legal obstacles that stand in their way.

One legal issue many people face involves work. Although work is supposed to give us the income to support the lives we want to live, all too often it becomes more a source of stress than of success. No one should have to go to work worrying about being harassed, discriminated against, illegally underpaid or wrongfully terminated. If you are facing any of these issues, attorney Justin C. Miller will fight for your rights in the workplace and help you overcome this obstacle.

Identifying Solutions For Workplace Disputes

Some of the most common legal issues that people face in the workplace include:

  • Discrimination – Being denied a job or advancement for the sole reason of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion
  • Sexual harassment – When an employer or superior creates a hostile work environment through sexually inappropriate communications or offers to exchange sexual favors from the employee for the possibility of career advancement
  • Retaliation/wrongful termination – An employer firing an employee for reporting illegal or unethical behavior in the company
  • Wage, hour and benefits violations – Employers not following the strict legal guidelines for pay and benefits

Unemployment Representation

Attorney Justin C. Miller represents clients who are having difficulties in the unemployment system. In some cases, clients have been repeatedly denied unemployment benefits, and in other cases employees receive benefits, but the employer continues to appeal these benefits.

If you are experiencing either of these legal obstacles to receiving the benefits you need, attorney Miller can represent you before the unemployment agency and help you overcome this obstacle.

Get A Proven Legal Ally In Your Corner

From his office in Medina, Justin C. Miller Esq. provides legal representation to his Ohio clients in the area of unemployment law. His fees are reasonable, and he can work with you regarding payment plans if needed. His office is located near the corner of Route 18 and River Styx Road. Either contact Justin C. Miller online or call 330-931-3281