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Last updated on June 19, 2020

The process of adopting a child can be complex, full of legal regulations and paperwork. Whether you desire to adopt a family member’s child or the son or daughter of your new spouse, it is wise to enlist the counsel and assistance of an experienced Ohio lawyer.

Justin C. Miller Esq. is an Elyria and Medina adoption attorney who provides professional and knowledgeable legal guidance for families, grandparents and individuals interested in adoption. Dedicated to providing responsive and personal service to clients, he is equally committed to ensuring that your rights as an adoptive parent are upheld and that your new family’s interests are protected.

“I work hard to put myself in my clients’ shoes, asking what they want and what they need. I want to truly help them, not help myself to their money.” | Justin C. Miller Esq.

Facilitating Stepparent Adoptions

In order to legally adopt your husband’s or wife’s child as your own, you must first obtain the consent of both biological parents. This means that your spouse’s ex must agree to give up his or her rights to the child.

Justin C. Miller can explain the best methods for obtaining the other parent’s consent and assist you with each step of the legal process.

If the other biological parent is not willing to give up his or her parenting rights, attorney Miller can explore your options for having the court authorize the adoption anyway. This often comes into play when the biological parent has failed to communicate with or financially support the child for the past 12 months prior to the filing of the adoption petition.

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