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Technological changes brings in new real estate investors

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Real Estate Law |

Thanks to technology and changes in regulations, people may have new opportunities to invest in commercial real estate in Ohio and around the country. In the past, commercial real estate investing usually required people to use their personal network. However, the JOBS Act allows developers and sponsors to solicit accredited investors, and more than 12 million households have this qualification. Commercial real estate investing is moving toward a greater transparency, and investors and sponsors can be more easily connected.

In the past, it has been fairly simple for the general public to learn their way around the stock market from information available online, but this has been less true of commercial real estate. However, this is changing with newer investment platforms where data and news is far more accessible. It is expected that $3.5 billion will be invested online in 2016.

This allows developersto create more detailed packages of information about both themselves and the investment opportunities that they offer. Furthermore, investors can efficiently access timely information about their investments. This technological revolution has made investing particularly attractive to younger investors, and according to one study, millennials use online investing 10 times as often as baby boomers.

This expansion regarding who can invest in commercial real estate means that a number of people may be investing for the first time. However, even experienced investors might want legal guidance when it comes to commercial real estate . A number of issues may arise over the course of purchasing, owning, developing and selling commercial real estate ranging from disputes with tenants or contractors and zoning issues to dealing with liens and title issues.