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Estate planning to avoid family conflict

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Estate Planning |

When people in Ohio decide to plan for the future, they may be concerned about how their decisions can affect family relationships years into the future. While people may have heard stories or seen the experience of a family feud over an estate in their own lives, they may want to avoid this problem when seeking to provide for their loved ones. However, even people with good intentions can inadvertently make decisions that lead to ongoing family conflicts. However, people can also take action to reduce the risk of conflict and make a positive outcome more likely.

One of the most important steps in writing a will is naming the executor. The executor is responsible for guiding the estate through probate court, and it is important to choose someone who is reliable, trustworthy and responsible. Sometimes disputes begin when a person thinks the executor is stealing funds. In other cases, the problems start when the executor fails to follow up on responsibilities or even answer emails or phone calls. Serving as an executor is a skilled job, so it’s important to choose someone with the right outlook.

In addition, while people may put a lot of attention into how their bank accounts or investments are allocated after death, many may think little about less valuable items of personal property. However, these sentimental items can lead to disputes when there is no clear way to settle who gets what. Parents can make a list of these items and store them with their estate documents in order to help avoid future conflict.

People thinking about the future can provide a clear path for their loved ones by making a plan for their assets. An estate planning lawyer might be able to help them to create key documents like wills, trusts and powers of attorney in order to carry out their wishes.