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How apps can benefit Ohio real estate investors

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2017 | Real Estate Law |

Just a few years ago, real estate professionals had to manage their information with enormous Excel databases. However, thanks to a number of technological advancements, communication, maintenance requests and rent logs can be handled through a number of easy-to-use apps. This technology can be beneficial to investors, property managers and even tenants.

Some of the most popular apps for real estate include those that help people access funding and streamline their property management duties. If someone is interested in getting into real estate investment, there are now a number of apps available to help him or her connect with potential investors. These platforms can also help people secure funding from traditional sources such as financial institutions as well as newer ones like crowdfunding.There are several apps available that can help property managers and tenets alike. They are designed to help landlords keep track of how their properties are performing and ensure that rents are being paid. Renters benefit from being able to submit maintenance requests simply by entering it into a smartphone app.

While there’s no question that technology is making it easier to conduct commercial real estate dealings, people still need to be aware of and follow the legal guidelines related to this type of investment. To ensure that they do not run into legal or contractual problems, individuals who are interested in investing in real estate should be familiar with the state and local regulations as well as what types of obligations investors may require of them. Professional real estate attorneys could advise those who want to begin investing in properties and inform them about which laws apply to their situations.