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What a letter of final wishes entails

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Estate Planning |

When an Ohio resident creates a will, there may not be room to include that person’s final wishes in the will itself. However, it may be possible to expand upon the testator’s thought process or include other notes in what is referred to as a letter of final wishes. This letter may be the perfect place to explain why one person got a larger share of the estate or where the passwords to social media accounts are being kept.

It may also be the ideal place to talk about what the family should play at their loved one’s funeral. The testator may also include requests such as having a military funeral or whether to be buried or cremated. Including as many details as possible may make it easier on family members and loved ones as they try to plan a funeral and grieve over their loss.

The letter may detail who should learn about the death in person and who should be told online or in a less formal manner. Those who had pets at the time of their death may wish to leave instructions as to how they should be cared for and if any money was left for such care. Advice for how to use assets left to the family as a whole may also be beneficial.

It may be beneficial for an individual to thoroughly document all of his or her final wishes. Doing so may make it less likely that family infighting to make it harder to implement an estate plan as intended. An attorney can determine if a will or other estate plan documents have been prepared correctly and in compliance with relevant state laws.