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3 benefits of having an employee handbook

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2018 | Business Law |

You may have done everything right during the hiring process: reviewed resumes, checked references, interviewed thoroughly and so on. You put together a fabulous team for your business. Yet now you face some problems with your employees, whether it be harassment among co-workers, continual tardiness or repetitive errors in certain tasks.

What went wrong? The answer may be people showing their true colors, not receiving sufficient training or going through personal problems. However, another one you may have overlooked is the employee handbook. This manual can outline everything from the company background to employee expectations and disciplinary actions. Writing up your policies and procedures and requiring your employees to read and sign them from the start has the potential to yield benefits, such as these three.

1. Better performance

When workers understand what you expect from them, they may be likelier to meet those expectations. For example, if your handbook explicitly states the penalties for being late, and you follow through on them, employees may try harder to arrive on time. With your focus not having to be on correcting the behavior and work of your employees, you all can put your full attention into doing your job and building up the business.

2. Employee happiness

The handbook can also serve your employees. During the hiring process, the manual can inform them of all the benefits they may receive and help them decide if they fit with the company values. After, they can learn things such as how to file a complaint and how the company protects their privacy and safety. Also, when they see consistent treatment and procedures, they might be less likely to have issues with discipline.

3. Less risk of litigation

Perhaps most importantly, a clear and thorough handbook could help reduce the chances of facing litigation from a disgruntled employee. Lawsuits are a common and high risk for all businesses. An employee manual could help ensure legal compliance and provide a defense against unjust accusations in the event of a lawsuit. It can be important to keep the handbook updated and professional and have a lawyer review it.